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Cracow University of Technology offers a wide variety of study programmes. In 5 faculties studies are available in the English language.
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Cracow University of Technology offers a wide range of short-term programmes in English. They last for one or maximum two semesters and are carried out by all faculties of the University.
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Outgoing CUT Students
CUT students interested in exchange programmes with overseas partner universities are welcome to follow the news on this website.


Faculty of Civil Engineering Faculty www

The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology is one of the largest faculties in Poland, educating future construction engineers in specialties such as: engineering and building construction, road, street, and highway construction, railroad construction, engineering structure theory, bridge construction, underground structures, and construction organization technology. The Faculty of Civil Engineering is a precursor of graduate studies in the English language.

Offer of courses AY 2017/2018

Please note that a specific course of study will be opened under the condition that the required number of applicants fulfilling the qualification criteria is reached. If your require more information about the course availability, contents and ETCS points, please get in touch with Erasmus Coordinator at the Faculty. Dr inż. Dorota Jasińska ( is an Erasmus Coordinator at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. He is supported by Ms. Natalia Zięcina ( at the Dean's Office. You may as well ask her a question concerning Exchange.



Information Technology

Introduction to Civil Engineering


Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods

Descriptive Geometry

Computer Graphics for Engineers


Building Materials

Technology of Concrete

Strength of Materials

Timber Structures

Industrial Structures


Concrete Structures

Metal Structures

Energy-efficient Building Systems

Economics and Project Management

Cost Estimation

Company Management and Basics of Law

Introduction to Transportation Planning

Road Design

Rail Roads

Theoretical Mechanics (continuation)

Structural Mechanics  (continuation)

Fundamentals of Civil Engineering  (continuation)


Concrete Structures (continuation)

Metal Structures (continuation)

Road Design (continuation)

Building Materials (continuation)

Strength of Materials (continuation)


Theoretical Mechanics

Computational Methods

Technical Drawing

Structural Mechanics

Fundamentals of Civil Engineering

Masonry Structures

Architecture and Urban Design

Soil Mechanics

Prestressed and Precast Concrete Structures

Bridge Structures

Building Installations and Municipal Systems

Physics of Building Structures

Hydraulics and Hydrology

Hydraulic Engineering

Construction Supervision, Occupational Safety and Health

Technology of Construction Works

Road Surfaces and Technology of Road Construction

Fire Safety Measures in Civil Engineering


Students pursuing master studies are also allowed to choose courses listed at (semesters I and III mean Spring semester and semester II mean Fall semester).